Top Five Sun, Sand and Surf Songs


BY Lindsay Montgomery There’s a lot to love about a day at the beach – good waves, good friends and good music. Summer might be coming to an end, but hurricane season could still produce some solid swells. Give these songs a listen the next time you’re ready to Hang Ten. “Superfast Jellyfish” by Gorillaz Sometimes to catch the best waves, you have to be up before the sun. To keep your bleary-eyed self from falling asleep on the drive to the beach, put the windows down and turn this song way up. The flow of lyrics like “All hail king Neptune and his water breathers. No snail thing too quick for his water feeders,” cannot be denied. If “Feel Good Inc.” is the only song you know by Gorillaz, listening to this will make you wonder why. “King of the Beach” by Wavves With “King of the Beach,” Wavves creates an anthem for the surfers who live and breathe the ways of the sea – and aren’t going to apologize for it. The words “Let the sun burn my eyes/ Let it burn my back/ At the beach/ In my dreams” must have been written with all of the salty, bleached blond, tanned bodies dedicated to dawn patrol in mind. But don’t worry, if you’re the type to lounge on the shore, this song could make anyone feel like beach royalty. “Walk Don’t Run” by The Ventures If more classic surf-inspired music is what you’re in to, The Ventures are a must-listen. This song is an upbeat tune from the 50s. It brings to mind a row of muscle cars parked on the boardwalk, guys and gals in their old-fashioned swimsuits, looking for an afternoon of sun, sand and surf. Pay homage to the dawn of the surf scene by pulling out your picnic lunch and relaxing in the shade with these retro riffs. “Dance Wid’ Me” by Hepcat Alex Desert’s vocals coax you to “Swing it, move it, push it, and shake it, baby, like I like it” in this feel-good reggae tune. Even if you have two left feet, the irresistible rhythm of this song is sure to get you off that beach towel and grooving in the sand. The simple, catchy lyrics are full of playfulness, and a saxophone solo enhances its flirtatious feel. This song would go best with an icy margarita, a vivid sunset and a row of tiki torches. “Underwater Love” by Smoke City When it’s too dark to surf any longer, “Underwater Love” provides the auditory equivalent to evening sea breezes and starry skies. Nina Miranda’s smooth voice singing “When I first saw you/ I was deep in clear blue water/ The sun was shining/ Calling me to come and see you” will seduce you. Spanish lyrics scattered throughout the song lend an exotic and mysterious feel. It’s sure to help you release all of that tension from a long day of hitting the waves.