Students running for Senate released

Hannah Lee

The Student Senate Seal Photo by Spinnaker Media
The Student Senate Seal
Photo by Spinnaker Media

**Correction: A previous version of the article stated that Tiana Peterson,  Nicholas Salter,  Kathryn Sheets,  Abigail Walsh and  Michael Wilson were running under the Red Party. They are running under the United Party. The table below has been updated to reflect that. We regret the error

There are 20 Senate seats open during this year’s election cycle and 34 people are running for them. The term will end in April 2018. Fourteen students are running from the Red Party and 19 students are running from the United Party. Only one student is running as an independent.

Red Party: United Party:  Independent:
Andres Castro  Maria Bermudez Austin Belet
Stephanie Fries Jordan Bugg
Nadim Issa  Yannick Cali
Ericka Jenikins Daniel Cox
Averi Jones  Matthew Dowdie
Ryan Kader  Neil Duncan
Marinda Kitchen Jenna DuPika
 Elizabeth Lear  Brandon Geiger
Kyle Lammons  Stephen Golder

Benjamin Myers  Robert Hessier
Haley Muldron  Claire Howard
Kelly Smith Brook Lawrence
Tori Somsak  Nina Lee
Payton Turner  Theodore Mason
Tiana Peterson
 Nicholas Salter
Kathryn Sheets
 Abigail Walsh
 Michael Wilson


Averi Jones, Benjamin Myers, Payton Turner, and Nina Lee are current Senators, but since all four were appointed in the fall of 2016 they have to run for Senate again, and this time they have to be voted in.

SG elections will take place on March 7 and 8.

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