Mims appoints new VP to act as President during her 10 day suspension

Hannah Lee

Cole Poppell. Photo from Student Government website

After her original VP, Tajmaus Johnson, was disqualified for emotional abuse, SG President-elect Samantha Mims recently announced her new appointment for the Vice Presidential nominee.

Cole Poppell, the current SG Student Advocate, will be Mims’s new VP.  In a statement given by Mims, Poppell has been a voice for students and has worked with both SG and University committees and is “uniquely qualified to step up into the role of Vice-President.”

“I feel entirely confident in Mr. Cole Poppell’s abilities and dedication,” said Mims. “It is with excitement that I announce his appointment to the role of Vice-Presidency, and we look forward to selflessly serving the Student Body this year side by side.”

Poppell will be confirmed as VP at the validation of elections that will happen in the next two Senate meetings. Poppell will also serve as President during Mim’s ten-day suspension.

Poppell served on the Safety Council, Title IX Committee, the Parking Advisory Council and as the Clerk of Court in the Judicial Branch of SG. He also aided in SG projects that helped students reach out to SG in an easier way through Market Days and enforcing a transparency policy within SG.
According to the SG website, Poppell is a current junior and is double major in Political Science and Business Administration.

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