Former VP-elect apologizes for emotional abuse

Cassidy Alexander


Former Student Government Vice President-elect Tajmaus Johnson. Photo from

Former Vice President-elect Tajmaus Johnson, who was disqualified for emotionally abusing President Isabella Genta when he shouted “f— you” and physically intimidated her, sent Spinnaker an apology for the student body.

“My actions do not reflect who I am nor how I believe any person should be treated,” Johnson said. “People are bigger than Student Government.”

Johnson went on to say that he will continue to make “the betterment of campus one of my priorities.”

Read the full apology below:

April 8, 2017


Dear Fellow Ospreys,

I would like to formally send my most sincere apologies acknowledge for the event that occurred between Student Body President Genta and I on March 8, 2017 that led to my disqualification. No words can express how truly sorry I am, and my actions should not be taken lightly. My actions do not reflect who I am nor how I believe any person should be treated. People are bigger than Student Government.

I want to assure you that my promises on the campaign trail were not false, for I am still committed to serving the student body at large. I still pledge to commit time to making the betterment of campus one of my priorities. I am not allowing the disqualification of my candidacy to serve as a barrier in serving you. It was my plan to occupy the office of Student Body Vice-President, not allow the office to occupy me. Folks, it will continue to be about UNF.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and wish Samantha Mims and Cole Poppell, Student Body President-Elect and Student Body Vice President-Elect respectably, the best in their upcoming term.

Best Wishes,

Tajmaus Johnson

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