Osprey rescued by JSO dies after being hit by car

Pierce Turner

JSO helped to rescue this injured Osprey earlier this week. Photo courtesy of JSO

The osprey that was hit by a car on Southside June 12 died in the care of an animal hospital.

The bird’s beak was broken, its wings were wet and the osprey was weak when it was rescued by a JSO officer and taken to Hidden Hills Animal Hospital.

Dr. Richard Williams treated the osprey and found from malnourishment, its beak had been broken for longer than initially assumed.

“I believe the beak injury happened previously and thus it could not eat and became so weak it couldn’t fly very well either,” said Dr. Williams. “[That’s] probably why it was hit by the car in the first place.”

Someone reported to JSO that the osprey was hit by a car while trying to carry a heavy snake. By the time the officer arrived, it had been at least 24 hours since the bird had been hit.


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