Flagships: music and nutrition at UNF

Ronnesha Rodgers

Photo of students in the the department of nutrition and dietetics department. Photo courtesy of Judith Rodriguez.

UNF offers several different flagship programs for students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

When a program has reached flagship status they receive financial support for a five year period.  During these years they are expected to collect external funding of their own or become self-sustaining after the five years.

There are seven designated flagship programs within UNF: transportation and logistics, the department of nutrition and dietetics, coastal biology, international business, the school of nursing and the department of music.

The reason behind a program being selected to have flagship status is due to the scholarly accomplishments of its faculty and the actions of the faculty to sustain a path toward scholarly distinction. Also contributing towards earning the status is the program’s ability to produce exceptional outcomes for students, and link the value of the education received at UNF to the needs in the specific field.

The UNF School of Music offers a variety of opportunities and courses that allow students to explore the world of music with the help of experienced professors and resources.

Randall Tinnin the director of the UNF school of music. Photo courtesy of Randall Tinnin.

“The designation as a UNF Flagship Program provided vital resources and helped to transform the UNF Music Department into a comprehensive school of music that offers musical training relevant in the 21st century,” said Randall Tinnin, director of the UNF school of music.

There are a number of programs and ensembles within the school of music including jazz ensembles, choirs, opera and orchestra programs. Choral activities is one of the fastest growing majors in the department.

In the department of music there is a considerable amount of interaction between the classical, jazz, choral, music technology and music education areas. This offers students the opportunity to explore music that may not be particular to their major or concentration, which is “one of the great things” the program has to offer.

Other options the school of music offers is an array of study abroad options including Portugal and the Czech Republic.

The department of nutrition and dietetics also includes an array of study abroad options for students. They are able to go around the world to places like Italy, China, Brazil and Ghana to study internationally in a new environment.

Photo of students in the the department of nutrition and dietetics department. Photo courtesy of Judith Rodriguez.

There are many goals in the department of nutrition and dietetics. An important one is involving the undergraduates in learning activities that are community based.

“[The program] provides all [undergraduates] with a community based learning experience and networking opportunities. [It also] enhances their knowledge of the practice of their chosen area of study,” said Judith Rodriguez, the chairperson and professor for the department of nutrition and dietetics.

The experiences that students gather in the program are ones students can even use on their resumes to get jobs, according to Rodriguez.

Experiences offered reach beyond the classroom as online master’s and doctorate programs are offered. This allows practitioners to receive a level of education that is advanced while remaining close to home.

“Moreover, the doctorate emphasizes leadership and public policy and includes a residency in a chosen area. This provides advanced level training and networking opportunities,” said Rodriguez.

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