Delaney assumes duties of Florida chancellor


UNF President John Delaney announced Oct. 28 he will serve as president in residence, a role designed to help out the Florida Board of Governors until a new chancellor is selected.

Chancellor Mark Rosenberg announced Sept. 22 he will step down in February to return to Florida International University.

Delaney, who is scheduled to start in February, will assume duties temporarily while the Board of Governors searches for a replacement chancellor, which likely won’t be completed until the end of the academic year, UNF officials said.

The Board of Governors is scheduled to vote on Delaney’s new role at its Nov. 20 meeting in Tallahassee.

“With Chancellor Rosenberg’s departure in February, and with the legislative session coming soon after, I want to have trusted leadership in place to help the Board of Governors until a new chancellor can take office,”

Board of Governors Chair Sheila McDevitt said. “John Delaney has agreed to help in this way, with the understanding that he will remain as president of the University of North Florida.”

Delaney said his main role as president in residence will be to work with legislature in the upcoming session, so all universities in the state university system will fare well during this tight budget year.

“The board is not going to be able to have a replacement, so the board felt it needed help running things,” Delaney said.

Florida law prohibits Delaney from being UNF president and chancellor, so his primary role will be communication with the state legislature about budget issues.

While many functions are the same, the Board of Governors staff will see to some responsibilities normally reserved for the chancellor.

“Many of the day-to-day operations will be performed by both vice chancellors and other staff, [but] Delaney will be in charge until the new governor is appointed,”  said Diane McCain, director of external relations for the Board of Governors.

Delaney will not be receiving any compensation for his role as president in residence. He also said he will not be seeking a permanent position as chancellor, citing his strong commitment to UNF.

“I think there will be an up-side for UNF over time,” Delaney said. “Gaining intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Board of Governors and the state legislature will inevitably help UNF.”

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