Top Five Songs Featuring Gunshots


BANG! POW! BOOM! Gunshots don’t exactly make the best percussion instrument, but these artists seem to think otherwise. By including hardcore sounds, some songs hit their target while others shoot themselves in the foot.

“Wild Wild West” Kool Moe Dee
You can expect to hear gunshots firing off in the distance throughout the entirety of this Western ballad. It won’t take long after you stream this tune before you impulsively grab a gun, straddle a steed and ride into the sunset shooting your shotgun into the arid desert sky. Yeehaw!

“Robbery” by Nappy Heads

Hopefully this song brings back as many hilarious adolescent memories for you as it did for me. The gunshots in this song are some of my favorites on the list, as they coincide perfectly with the lyrics and tune. “It’s a robbery, robbery, robbery now/ Get on the ground/ Gimmie that wallet and hush your mouth.” Warning: Singing the lyrics to this song may trigger gangster-related tendencies like wearing your pants too low or adding a gold chain to your ensemble.

“The Final Cut” by Pink Floyd
Now here is a song whose gunshot blast, about a minute into the song, may actually make your heart jump. This slow, sad-sounding ballad throws one into left field by featuring an out-of-place BANG while you’re on the verge of tearing up. Listen, Pink Floyd, if it isn’t imperative to include that bazooka blast, stick to loud drum beats and cymbal chimes to pump up the drama instead.

“Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube
It’s safe to assume when the word ‘killaz’ is in the title, you should prepare your eardrums for some bang-banging musical action. This twosome fires off shots throughout this rap ballad, creating anxiety and instilling fear into its listeners. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube are packing some serious heat and selling records with this natural hit.

“My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)” by Regina Spektorr
Ms. Spektor really knows how to be creative. This holiday-themed song features her singing a gorgeous slow and harmonious ballad about the New Year over police sirens, gun shots and cheering people. These chaotic sounds that are unfortunately related to New Years Eve, add depth and if possible, more beauty to her music.