Students can now nominate faculty for Association Awards

Samantha Chaney

Photo by Samantha Chaney

For students who are looking to have their voices heard regarding their UNF experience, the Faculty Association Awards is the perfect opportunity.

Thanks to this lesser-known award system, students may nominate professors that they feel are distinguished in the classroom, making these teachers eligible for various monetary honorariums and recognition.

Once nominated, professors have the option to collect the necessary materials in order to be named a finalist. Even if a professor chooses not to continue in the process, they are still notified that they have been nominated for outstanding performance.

Russell Turney, an English professor at UNF, thinks this is a great opportunity for students to voice their opinion.

“Students are in a great position to comment on the teaching they receive, and they should comment. What I like about this process, as opposed to Rate My Professor or the ISQs, is that it works by way of providing positive models.”

In August, Dr. Catherine Christie of the Brooks College of Health was awarded the Distinguished Professor Award after being nominated during the 2016-2017 academic year.

No written argument on behalf of a professor is necessary. All students need to do is submit a written nomination via email to [email protected], or in-person to the Faculty Association, located in Osprey Commons, Building 16, Room 3100.

Undergraduate Teaching Awards, Graduate Teaching awards, and Adjunct Teaching Awards are open until Oct. 5, 2017.


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