Spinnaker Goes Mobile


Right now it seems like we spend more time on our cell phones then we do on our computer. To help make The Spinnaker more accessible to everyone I have spent the majority of the semester mobilizing our web experience.

Mobile Website

Included with this mobilization is The Spinnakers new web app for iPhone and iPad.  I couldn’t just stop and leave out all of the other mobile browsers out there so now there is a mobile version of the website for all other mobile browsers. We didn’t want to leave anyone out so Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and even Symbian and Palm users all have shinny new web interfaces.

iPhone/iPod App

Along with this mobile push I decided it was time to make our way into the app market. Our first app for the iPhone was submitted today and I hope that it will be in the app store shortly after Thanksgiving. If all goes well with Apple I will then begin working on Apps for Android, Blackberry, Web OS, and WinMo 7.

In the iPhone app The Spinnaker will be rolling out a new feature we are calling “Ur Say”. Ur Say is UNF’s version of iReport. For this to work we will be relying on you the campus community to post news and pictures about things going on around campus. This will eventually tie into a web based map of all the events going on around campus on any given day.

Speaking of maps, to go along with the new Police Beat map on the website one has also been included in the iPhone app showing you were something actually happened.

This is all just the start of what is going to happen over the next few months for The Spinnaker.  Keep an eye out for several more changes that will be happening to the regular Spinnaker site as well as more changes to the mobile versions.