No time for remembrance on Veterans Day


This week’s edition of the Spinnaker featured an editorial on the importance of Veterans Day and how it is not, unfortunately, remembered as it should be by the masses. I fully agree with this statement, as veterans risked their lives fighting the wars America has waged over the centuries. Whether or not you agree with the battles this country decides to take part in, there are faces behind the pursuits and each person is risking or has risked their lives carrying the pursuits out.

Though I agree that the day isn’t remembered, I have plans during the entire holiday that have nothing to do with respecting veterans. I guess I don’t practice what I preach, eh?

Before you open your emails to begin writing the angry messages I deserve to receive, let me tell you what my plans are. From the morning hours into early afternoon, I am working in the Spinnaker office. After that, my afternoon and evening will be full of making note cards and studying for two different exams I’m taking tomorrow. I would have started studying for them sooner if I hadn’t also had an exam on Monday.

Three tests within three days of each other, each before or after a schoolless holiday…It seems my teachers have planned their syllabuses accordingly. I have learned there are no coincidences in life, and I therefore must reason that they see the holiday as nothing more than extra time for me to work, which forces me to see the holiday as nothing more than extra time to work.

If more people in charge began recognizing this holiday–not only teachers but managers, administrators, and more–then the vast majority of Americans would actually have the time to celebrate its days off the way they should be celebrated.