Top Five Gender-Neutral Holiday Gift Ideas


You’re not really going to give her a gift card, are you? Will cold, hard cash really show him how you care? Instead of coping out and shoving those gifts into a thoughtless greeting card, try one of these ideas — less than $25 each — to impress everyone on your list.

1. Unique

If your goal is to give a more uncommon gift, try a potted plant — aloe vera, bamboo and orchids are good “beginner” plants. Give your recipient the full package; include care instructions or get crafty and personalize the pot.

2. Practical

Giving a gift to someone you don’t know very well can be nerve-wracking but necessary. Your acquaintance would love a nice travel mug. To add a personal touch, include your favorite coffee or hot chocolate mix.

3. Technological

Instead of falling back on the standard mix CD, give your music-loving friends a USB loaded with tunes they’ll dig. Unlike a CD, it will hold a ton of music, and they can re-use it to their hearts’ content. Put it on a keychain if they’re likely to lose it.

4. Crafty

Hoping to give a gift with homemade charm? Any recipient can appreciate baked or treats. The site has a section dedicated to cookies — make a variety and arrange them in boxes for any friend with a sweet tooth.

5. Traditional

Rarely can you go wrong with good reading material. Gift an avid reader with your favorite book or buy a magazine subscription pertaining to a friend’s hobby. From comics to do-it-yourself manuals, there’s something for everyone.