Men’s soccer rumble disappoints; high hopes for women’s basketball


I’m back like a vertebra. I know it’s been a while, but I’m a busy bird, and everyone wants a piece of me.

I’m super excited to say there is a photo floating around on the Internet of “Air Ozzie” dunking. In fact, the picture was spotted last week on CBS47 News. It’s called exposure, and your ol’ pal Ozzie could use some. Back to the photo, some say it is photoshopped. Not true. Check out the video on the UNF Athletics homepage at for the evidence.

So the River City Rumble men’s soccer game didn’t go as planned. The guys played whistle to whistle, but Jacksonville University capitalized on a lucky header. Personally, I think the dude’s big head got in the way, but the ball still went in. Also, how amazing was the Mini-ATV I got to ride? It can be yours. That’s right, you might be able roll up to class on that bad boy. You have to come to the basketball games to learn more, though.

Next up for me is the women’s basketball team home opener against Florida State University Nov. 18. Talk about wanting to make a statement. FSU is a tough team, but I’m going to be there with my sidekick Harriet and the rest of my Ospreys. I say we are the favorites. FSU is the underdog. We know FSU is going to bring its fans, so I want the Ospreys to out number them 3-1. My prediction is 68-61 UNF.

Stay Amazing,