UNF mathematics professor arrested, removed from Boston plane


A UNF mathematics professor was arrested Jan. 3 in Boston after his involvement in a spat with a flight attendant at Logan International Airport who had him removed from the plane.Associate professor Ognjen Milatovic, 37, is charged with interfering with the operation of an aircraft and disorderly conduct, Massachusetts state police said.

CBS Boston reported that state police said Milatovic was removed from U.S. Airways Flight 2025 around 8:30 a.m. Monday because he would not take his seat and place his carry-on luggage into an overhead bin after a flight attendant instructed him to do so. Milatovic also refused to turn off his cell phone on the Washington D.C.-bound flight.

Once Milatovic stored his bag in the overhead bin, there was an electronic noise that concerned some of the passengers. According to the Boston Herald, another passenger accused Milatovic of making awkward movements and saying into his cell phone, “I have boarded.” There was nothing suspicious found in his bag, state police said.

CBS Boston also reported that Milatovic’s father, Boris, said the incident was a big misunderstanding and that his son has a nerve problem in his back and legs that makes it hard for him to sit for long periods of time.

UNF Mathematics and Statistics Chair Scott Hochwald, a coworker of Milatovic, said he found the news shocking and that Milatovic has never had any problems similar to what happened in Boston.

U.S. Airways flight 2025 had 117 passengers on board and was delayed at the gate for almost an hour, Phil Orlandella of Massport told New England Cable News.

The Associated Press reported that Milatovic was arraigned and released Monday afternoon on recognizance bond in East Boston District Court. He will return to court March 15.

Milatovic has taught mathematics and statistics at UNF since 2004. Milatovic is scheduled to teach a Precalculus class as well as “Explorations in Mathematics” for the spring semester.