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Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
Chad Smith
Graphic Designer
John Weidner
Assistant Sports Editor
Jacques Strappe
Baguette Fencing Aficionado
Question 1: Although his team is only 6-3 – a catastrophic record for the Patriots – ESPN is already referring to Matt Cassel as the Patriot’s MVP. Should Tom Brady be scared for his job?
Absolutely not. But then again, I said the same thing about Drew Bledsoe after Tom Brady’s first game as his replacement. Matt Cassel will go on to start for
another team in the near future.
Tom Brady has nothing to lose; he has been more dominant then any other quarterback this decade. Matt Cassel will always be a career backup. Plus, Tom has Gisele by his side. I hope so. I can’t stand Tom Brady because he always seems to get everything he wants without the hard work. Matt Cassel, on the other hand, is a hardworking blue-collar football player. Cassel is such a elegant and girly name. Brady has nothing to be scared of. When he is healthy again, his manliness will scare Cassel away.
Question 2: The MIT athletic department recently received a $1 million gift from the Steinbrenner Foundation to upgrade its athletic stadium. What sport is MIT most likely to excel at?
It could be great at any sport so long as the NCAA allows it to build robotic players. Otherwise, I don’t see MIT being a destination for college athletics any time soon. Is statistics a sport? Although I love the Yankees, Steinbrenner’s money is going to be wasted on a stadium where athletics means nothing. I would hope the students at MIT are focusing on more important things than sports, considering the fact most of them have brains the size of beach balls. I just think it’s cute the mascot is an engineer, and all its athletes are scrawny little boys with glasses.
Question 3: Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Will Smith’s sons are all members of the Oaks Christian football team in Westlake Village, Calif. Should Oaks Christian price-gouge its games to make money off the star power?
People don’t care about pro sports in the Los Angeles area as it is; why would they turn up to watch the sons of stars? Maybe it could gouge spectators by serving sushi and wheat grass at home games. If I were them, I would milk the fans for every dollar they have. Where else are you going to have the possibility of getting autographs and photos with high profile stars like those? They should just sign autographs as a fundraiser. What ever happened to the old-school style of raising money: bake sales?
Question 4: The UNF women’s basketball team will face off against FSU Nov. 18 at the UNF Arena. How big of a game is this for UNF?
I think at this early juncture of the season, the outcome of college basketball games has diminished importance. With that said, a win against FSU is never a small thing in any sport. It’s big for the women’s basketball team to show how it can compete against a top-notch school like FSU. If UNF can win, it is only one step closer to getting UNF noticed when it comes to basketball. It all depends on how well our team can do against the Seminoles. If UNF can hang in there with FSU, then it’s big. Nov. 18! That’s my favorite day of the year: Bagel Appreciation day.

Compiled by John Weidner.