Obama: A positive example for running elections


Dear Editor,
Today, we stand in the wake of American progress.

Last week, our nation elected Barack Obama to be the 44th president to lead the land.

A milestone election in so many ways, it brought about hope and change like none have seen before it.

This semester I served as the elections supervisor for Student Government, and I can tell you from experience that elections are not an easy task.

Obama made sure to change the way elections were run by reaching out to new voters and expounding upon new and old technology to create an escalation in voters as well as salience of the issues.

And this year produced many great things for the American political system.

For a black man to become the front runner of a major political party and then president was little more than a joke around this time last year. A woman having any shot at the Oval Office was also a novelty, but Sarah Palin proved women can fight just as hard.

This year has made history, and hopefully the bus does not stop there.

Being a sailor in the greatest Navy in the world – the U.S. Navy – I highly respect and am very proud of fellow sailor John McCain for his service and integrity in so many matters throughout his Senatorial career and Naval service.

I sincerely hope McCain will work with Obama to bring this nation back together and fight all the problems we currently face.

I watched the Democratic Party take a majority in the Senate and House Nov. 4, holding firm the direction of our nation.

Now, I challenge it to keep promises and make change happen. Our nation has been in a downspin for too long, and the opportunity is near to fix our problems.

Congratulations to Barack Obama.  I can’t wait to see what our country will do next.

Joe Husky
Senior, Political Science/English