UNF classes with the highest pass rates

Colin McCann

Classes. We all have them. Some are a breeze, others a struggle. If what you’re looking for is a class with a high passing rate, the below classes may be for you. Don’t be fooled, however. All of them are at least 3000-level courses. It appears easy classes and high pass rates don’t correlate.

From Fall 2016 to Fall 2017, these classes had a 100 percent passing rate.

Fall 2016 MAN4720 Strategic Mgmt Business Policy
Fall 2016 NUR4168 Nursing Science III
Fall 2016 NUR4827 Leadership/Mgmt in Nursing
Fall 2016 NUR4945L Directed Clinical Study
Fall 2016 NUR3028L Nursing Competencies
Fall 2016 NUR3619 Family/Community Assessment
Fall 2016 PET3771C Business/Pract in Ex Phys
Fall 2016 HSC4615L Lab Meth Ex Phys Hlth Sci
Fall 2016 HSC4814 Community Health Internship
Fall 2016 NUR4826 Applied Nursing Ethics


Spring 2017 NUR3619 Family/Community Assessment
Spring 2017 MAR4503 Consumer Behavior
Spring 2017 DIE3246 Nutrition Therapy II
Spring 2017 FSS4230 Quantity Food Preparation
Spring 2017 FSS4230L Field Exp-Food Qty Preparation
Spring 2017 MAN4143 Effective Business Leadership
Spring 2017 DIE4125 Management Food/Nutrition II
Spring 2017 MAN4583 Project Management
Spring 2017 NUR4168 Nursing Science III
Spring 2017 FOS4041L Food Science Lab


Fall 2017 NGR7974 Doctoral Project
Fall 2017 MAR4613 Marketing Research Information
Fall 2017 NUR4827 Ldrshp Mgmt Concepts Nursing
Fall 2017 MAR6805 Marketing Strategy
Fall 2017 HSC4814 Public Health Practical Experi
Fall 2017 NUR3065L Health Assessment
Fall 2017 NUR3992 Exp: Nursing
Fall 2017 PUR4800 Public Relations Campaigns
Fall 2017 NUR3996 Exp: Nursing
Fall 2017 PSY4302C Psychological Testing


Make sure to register early: these classes also had the highest enrollment.

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