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Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
James Cannon II
Assistant News Editor
Four amendments passed in the Nov. 4 election. Which one were you happiest to see pass?
I am happy amendment four – tax breaks for conservation land – passed because I am a fan of armadillos, Florida panthers and tortoises. I am happy amendment two – same sex marriage ban – passed. Why do you think God created Adam and Eve? Maybe sometime you should stop and listen to the preacher on the Green. Amendment four – tax breaks for conservation land – because it’s important to preserve our land. Animal habitats are being destroyed just for our evelopment, and that’s not acceptable. None, although I was happy about Amendment No. 8’s failure – community college funding. That is the last thing anyone with an Associates degree needs – more competition.