Early voting can now happen on college campuses in Florida

Hannah Lee, Editor-in-Chief

In a recent federal ruling, it was deemed that barring students from voting early on college campuses in Florida was unconstitutional.

The lawsuit was brought on by the League of Women Voters of Florida, Inc. In their argument, they stated college students made up more than one quarter of the 9.5 million Floridians who voted in the Nov. 2016 presidential election.

The barring started in 2014 when Florida Secretary of State Kenneth W. Detzner stated that “any other college- or university-related facilities” were not to be used as an early-voting site. Since this opinion came out, a majority of college students, staff, and faculty have had to go off campus to vote early.

Chief United States District Judge Mark E. Waller released the ruling today, July 24, that “the interpretation of the Early Voting Statute that excludes from consideration as early voting sites any facilities related to, designed for, affiliated with, or part of a college or university, is unconstitutional.”

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