UNF student competes in the U20 Women’s World Cup in France

Kylie Selvage

UNF Sophomore Thais Reiss earned a spot in the school record book during her first season with six goals, three of which were game-winning.

Photo courtesy of UNF Athletics

This comes as no surprise, considering the Osprey has competed in both the U17 and U20 Women’s World Cup.

Reiss, who played as a defender for Brazil, demonstrated incredible drive and motivation in her match against Mexico on Aug. 5. She took on several players and completed a majority of her passes. The game was 1-1 within the first six minutes and ended in a 3-2 win for Mexico.

After a hard-fought 2-0 loss against Middle Tennessee State University, Reiss spoke briefly with Spinnaker about her experience in France over the summer.

Photo courtesy of UNF Athletics

“It was obviously sad because we lost, but of course it was still a great experience. We did a lot, we trained a lot, we worked very hard,” Reiss explained. “We thought that it was enough and we learned it was not, because the other teams were just as good as us or even better.”

She ended her statement by confidently stating, “They were also working just as hard as us, so next time we will have to work even harder.”

UNF Women’s Soccer’s next game will be this Sunday, Aug. 26 at Hodges Stadium against UNC-Asheville at 1 p.m.

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