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Jason Yurgartis
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Laura Franco
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James Cannon
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Jacques Strappe
Baguette Fencing Aficionado
Question 1: Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was recently charged with insider trading. Does this surprise you?
No. If you’re good at trading, there’s a good chance inside information is being transmitted. I’m sure he’ll buy his way out of it and then buy the Cubs. No, the sports industry is like a business. I’m surprised more coaches or owners haven’t been caught. It’s fitting. Are people from Texas even considered honest and reliable anymore? Besides, with role models like the executives in Wall Street, who wouldn’t be tempted to do a little insider trading? He’s one sly guy. With a smile like his, there’s no clue what he’s capable of.
Question 2: Ex-WWE superstar Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Couture to claim the UFC heavyweight champion belt. Does his win validate the talent of the WWE’s superstars?
It validates their strength, but Lesnar was a NCAA champion wrestler at Minnesota. I’m guessing that helped him more than the steroids Vince McMahon pumped into him. Talent and WWE should never be in the same sentence. Talent? Superstar? Validate? I don’t think those words even belong in the same sentence as WWE. Brock Lesnar. Is he French? Because he is one hunk of a man.
Question 3: Jimmie Johnson recently captured his third straight Sprint Cup championship. Where does Jimmie
Johnson rank among the list of three-peats, and who is first?
Last. Enduring high temperatures and wrangling a steering-wheel doesn’t make you an athlete. Doesn’t his car get some credit? If Secretariat can be on the list of best athletes, the #48 Impala has an argument. A three-peat in any athlete’s career is always admirable. Johnson definitely deserves to be at the top. Doesn’t he make sausages? I don’t know about any race, but his bratwursts are pretty good soaked in a garlic beer-bath with onions and pepers. The best three-peat flat-out is the French dogsleding team’s threepeat at the Arizona c
hampionship in the ‘80s.
Question 4: Duke’s men’s basketball team barely escaped its early season game against Rhode Island 82-79. Is it no longer worthy of being named among the ranks of elite college basketball programs?
Duke, you shouldn’t be losing games to a school that is affectionately known as U-R-High, but I’m happy the hippies gave the prep-schoolers a run for their money. Duke’s academic requirements will continue to put them at a disadvantage in the coming years. As a fan who grew up watching Duke basketball, it’s disheartening to see the program struggle. If Coach K and his staff don’t change their recruiting process, Laettner’s and Hill’s legacies will be the only good memories the Cameron Crazies have left. As far as North Carolina basketball goes, Demon Deacons are the only team to watch. Rhode Island. I have a summer house there.

Compiled by John Weidner.