Turning Potholes Picturesque


UNF has several fields students can use to play and practice outdoor sports. However, the Crossings field is one of the few places students can congregate on campus for whatever purpose they wish.

Students used to be found playing out on the Crossings field on those cold and dreary Florida winter nights, but now the field lies empty as if missing a vital part of what gives it life.

“The Crossings field is extremely convenient for students living on campus and is used a lot,” sophomore Rachel Barlow said. “Before it closed, I used to play ultimate Frisbee there all the time, and I’ve seen people use it for everything from lacrosse to sunbathing.”

The field, which has been closed since October for repairs, has provided a convenient place for recreation. However, after several years of use, the field has become unsafe for students.

“The field had several potholes in it and had become extremely unsafe, causing several ankle injuries,” said UNF rugby club captain Jackson Frenot. “When we used to have games over at the Crossings, we would have other teams complain about the uneven surfaces and how it wasn’t the best place for fans. The changes will help both the safety of the field and the appearance.”

In early October, the field began to take on a new look thanks to the voicing of the people who love it and the backing of Student Government.

“Last year the rugby and lacrosse teams came to me with their concerns about the level of safety of the field,” said Student Government President John Barnes. “After I saw the condition of the field the issue was run through Student Government and a proposal was written and passed.”

The changes currently in progress include the replacement and leveling of the field, the filling in of holes, landscaping and additions to the irrigation system. The field renovation is expected to be completed in late January.

“The changes are going to make the field a lot safer for us to practice on,” sophomore rugby player Max Capper said. “It will definitely be a lot more inviting for people to use and offer more as well.”

The repairs have been extremely appreciated, but inconvenient to students using the field on a regular basis. A few of the major groups that use the field include the lacrosse and rugby clubs, intramural football teams and intramural teams for other sports.

“Although we’re really excited about the changes to the field, it’s been hard on us not having it available,” Capper said. “We’ve had to move our practices off campus, which is harder for us.”

One of the things the field has become is a popular destination for students to play ultimate Frisbee.

“I’ve been playing ultimate Frisbee on the Crossings field almost every other night since I came to UNF,” sophomore Nick Winslow said. “But now, we barely ever play, and when we do, we have to play at places like the Green where there is a lot less room, and it isn’t as easy to play.”

The final product of the work will be well worth the wait, Barnes said.

“Not only will the changes make the field safer, it will also make it a whole lot more attractive,” Barnes said. “The Crossings field will be a safe and beautiful place on campus where students can relax and have fun.”

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