Students’ impressions of Obama


Grace Ambrose
Freshman, Undecided
Bandeth Sok
Sophomore, Nutrition
Noah Kaplan
Junior, Foreign Relations
What attracted you to the Obama campaign?
“In the beginning he seemed like he represented the change we needed. I really liked his education policy.” “I am actually a Republican. Mainly his stance on the war on terrorism … I liked his position to refocus our efforts on Afghanistan to capture Osama.” “He didn’t just stick to black and white. He could see the gray area in between.”
Were you surprised Obama won Florida since Bush won it in 2004?
“I knew he had the
southern part of Florida, but we did a lot of work in
northern Florida, especially in UNF’s precinct.”
“The ground campaign for Obama was very strong. The week before the election, we had over 100 people volunteer at our office.” “Obama had a much bigger campaign here.”
What did you do for the campaign?
“At first we did a lot of
on-campus voter registration, [but] as the campaign moved on we started working in the local office. Knocking on doors and phone banking.”
“What didn’t I do? I think data entry was the only thing I didn’t do.” “I was an intern for the
campaign for a class as part of the foreign relations major. I set up an organization on-
campus to register voters.”

Compiled by James Cannon II.