UNF alum Anna Brosche: Her campaign for Mayor of Jacksonville

Lianna Norman, News Editor

As March 19 approaches, City Councilwoman and the newest candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville Anna Brosche is focused on tackling several large issues in her campaign against incumbent Lenny Curry.

The top three issues that the UNF alum is heavily targeting are crime, transparency, and investing in children.

Above all issues, though, one in particular seems to stand out for Brosche.

“We are seeing an increase in crime over the last three-to-four years,” Brosche told Spinnaker. “We are waking up every morning to news of shootings or violence all over our city.”

Brosche called this rise in crime a crisis and explained her belief that it should be the Mayor’s responsibility to “Have all hands on deck,” and not just leave it for law enforcement to handle. The candidate described that placing the weight of this crime crisis on the shoulders of law enforcement officials is unfair, and further addressed her opinion; it should be the intentions of the Mayor to ensure a multifaceted approach in tackling something she believes to be intrinsic to Jacksonville’s issues at this time.

She also spoke of her intentions to work closely with college students as a means of understanding what the 18 to 25 year-old demographic hopes to see out of a city official.

Brosche spoke highly of the college students of Jacksonville and expressed her desire to become involved with not only her alma mater – UNF – but also Jacksonville University and Jacksonville’s community colleges.

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