Police Beat Mar. 30, 2011


March 21 – Information (Osprey Crossings Bldg. S)
Danielle Fehrman experienced severe stomach pains, and Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue evaluated Fehrman recommended she be transported to the Mayo Clinic for further observation. A friend transported Fehrman to the hospital.

March 22 – Petty Theft (UNF Arena)
Student Jerrel Kight left his wallet inside a pair of athletic shorts near the welcome desk area of the main lobby of Building 34 around 8:00 p.m. When he returned at 9:30 p.m. he discovered his wallet missing from his shorts. An employee of the welcome desk did not observe any suspicious activity and could not provide any information on a suspect. UPD advised Kight to contact his bank about the missing debit card.

March 23 – Petty Theft (Bldg. 8)
Dr. Mary Baron told police that when she reported to work at 9 a.m. March 23, she discovered the poster that hung on her office door missing. The frame and plastic cover were intact but were on the floor by the door. Inside the office there was disruption of the items on the desk, though nothing was discovered missing. No unauthorized entries to the office were revealed by Physical Facilities. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

March 23 – Burglary (Lot 7)
A 15-passenger van was burglarized in Lot 7 sometime between 7 a.m. March 23 and 9:30 a.m. March 24. The van, which belonged to Ray’s Metal Works, was missing a vendor parking pass when the employee driving the van went back to the vehicle. The vehicle was left unlocked so employees could periodically enter and leave the vehicle throughout the day. The case has not been cleared but patrol efforts have been suspended.

March 23 – Grand Theft (Lot 18)
Steven Hillan left his bicycle locked to a bike rack in Lot 18 for several days. When he returned to the bike rack March 23, his bike had been stolen. Hillan said the bike had a combination lock and no one else knew the combination. He estimated the value of the bike at $350. A canvass was not conducted due to the location of the incident. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

March 23 – Information (Osprey Fountains)
Kathan Kumar injured his knee while playing basketball. Kumar said he took a wrong step while playing and hurt his knee. Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and treated Kumar, who said he would later go to Mayo Clinic for additional treatment.

Compiled by Jordyn Waters
Source: University Police Department