Spinnaker Media to cover UNF presidential inauguration of David Szymanski

Spinnaker Media

Spinnaker Media will be offering live coverage of UNF President Szymanski’s inauguration on Friday, Feb. 22 with a live broadcast of the ceremony and interviews with UNF officials.

“We’ve been applying all our knowledge from our classes and past productions,” said Spinnaker Managing Editor Aisling Glocke. “It’s exciting to see our team’s hard work come together.”

The coverage will broadcast live from Spinnaker headquarters starting at 9:45 a.m., and reporters will be on the scene at the Lazzara Performance Hall for exclusive interviews. It will air on unfspinnaker.com, channel 15-1, Spinnaker TV’s YouTube channel and on 95.5 FM WSKR Spinnaker Radio. For more details contact the Creative Services Director at [email protected].


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