Police Beat April 6, 2011


March 23- Criminal Mischief (Lot 18)
An unknown suspect threw a concrete block through the left rear window of a car parked in Lot 18. The car was parked in the northeast corner of the lot and was visible from the roadway and the crosswalk. The victim said he did not know anyone who would want to damage his vehicle. No suspects were identified and no attempts were made to obtain fingerprints from the concrete block.

March 25- Information (Osprey Fountains)
A student in the Osprey Fountains residence halls injured herself after she fell while taking a shower. She sustained a cut on her lip. UPD responded and said the victim seemed dazed and was slow to answer questions. She initially refused assistance from rescue but eventually consented to being taken to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

March 25- Baker Act (Osprey Fountains)
A student in Osprey Fountains possibly overdosed on hydrocodone pills because her boyfriend broke up with her. She told UPD she could not live without her boyfriend. She was groggy but coherent. UPD collected several handwritten notes from the victim’s room that possibly explained her actions. She was transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment and an involuntary examination because of the Baker Act. The UNF Counseling Center was notified of the incident.

March 29- Information (MOCA)
In the kiln room on the third floor of the MOCA, a piece of plywood was placed on top of a kiln and began to smolder. The wood had not caught on fire but created a burning smell within the museum. A museum educator had placed the wood there to dry some pieces of pottery but did not realize how hot the wood would get. There was no damage to the building or surrounding areas.

March 30- Criminal Mischief (Bldg 44)
A UNF employee’s car was scratched while parked in the Fine Arts Center parking garage. The scratch was approximately five feet long and located on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It appeared a key did it. The victim did not know who could have done this to his car. No other similar incidents have been reported in the area.

March 31- Property (Osprey Crossings)
A Resident Assistant in Osprey Crossings residence halls noticed the smell of smoke emitting from a dorm room. She entered the room and found several pieces of contraband on the table. The items had marijuana residue on them. UPD confiscated the items and had them placed in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room. The residents of the room were not present during the investigation, so a supplemental report will be conducted.

Compiled by Jordyn Waters
Source: University Police Department