Best of Police Beat April 13, 2011


Best of Police Beat

Jan. 31 – Exposure of Sexual Organs (Building 39) – A student contacted UPD Feb. 2 after seeing the subject of a previous “exposure of sexual organs” incident in a computer lab in Building 39. Upon questioning, the student admitted to watching pornography on the computer and masturbating while female students sat three or four seats away. He said he covered his genitalia with a shirt and was being discreet while masturbating so he would not attract attention. The suspect was issued a trespass warning and referred to Student Conduct.

Jan. 18 – Complaint (Child Development Research Center)
UPD reached the Child Development Center at 6:13 p.m. after a complaint about a man acting suspicious. The man entered the building at 6:05 p.m. and said, “I have lots of plastic and would like to buy some food to eat with the children.” He wore a hospital band on his wrist and said many random statements without making any sense. The witnesses advised he eat at the Town Center. He proceeded to exit the building and ride away with a woman in the car. Since the man did no harm, the information report was closed.

Jan 9 – Simple Battery (Osprey Crossing)
A male and female in an on-and-off dating relationship were involved in a dispute. When the officer arrived the female was crying and having difficulty breathing. Rescue was called but found the female to be OK after checking her condition. The couple was having a discussion when the female said something that upset the male and made him want to leave. She did not want her boyfriend to leave, grabbed him by the leg and would not let go. The male kicked her mirror in an attempt to make her let go. While they struggled on the floor, a TV was knocked over. The female got angry and bit the male on the neck and scratched his right arm. The male, who had been sleeping in the female’s room for three nights, had been trespassing because he was not a student. The investigation has been exceptionally cleared and prosecution was declined.

Nov. 4 – Information (Student Union)
Three thousand and eight hundred copies of the Spinnaker went missing from various racks around campus. Joe Pate, responsible for distributing issues, confirmed he distributed the issues as usual. UPD conducted a search around the campus Dumpsters and other dumpsites but found nothing. No suspects or witnesses have been identified.

Oct. 13 – Cyber Breach (UNF Hall)
Vice President Shari Shuman told UPD the IT Security Office advised her that (an) unknown suspect(s) gained unauthorized access to UNF’s computer system Sept. 24. She said the suspect(s) had access to the server at least until Sept. 28. She said the breached information downloaded contained personal information of approximately 107,000 potential and current students, alumni and employees of the university. Shuman said she didn’t know who the suspect(s) might be, nor does she know if the suspect(s) took any of the information. She told UPD the breach appears to have originated outside the U.S.

Sept. 25 – Intoxication (Bldg. W)
Two female students advised UPD of a young male walking around Osprey Landings at 4 a.m. punching the walls. When the officer arrived he spoke with the student, who had a swollen right hand and admitted he had been drinking. The student blew a .144 on the portable breathalyzer test. He said he was punching the wall because he was upset with himself, but his hand did not appear to be broken. He was transported to River Point hospital and referred to student conduct.