UNF sculpture students auction off artwork for first time in history

Kaitlyn Bowers, Video Director

Sculpture students at UNF have the honor of making history by being the first students at the school to have their artwork auctioned online for anyone to purchase. 

This auction will take place on Thursday, August 15 on www.govdeals.com auction site. The minimum bid starts at just $1,200 and is a competitive bidding process, meaning that bidders don’t know who they are bidding against. The sculptures must be purchased as-is, and those who are interested can find pictures of the sculptures on the program’s website

The seven sculptures that will be auctioned off are as follows:

  • “Pop Jellies” 2018 by senior Jenn Peek, steel and fiberglass
  • “Jumbo Shrimp,” 2018 by almuna Olivia Warro, steel
  • “Ipseity,” 2017 by alumna Gabriella O’Toole, steel
  • “Infinity Moth,” 2017 by alumna Victoria Priep, steel
  • “Cohesion,” 2017 by alumna Patricia Macias, steel
  • “Strombus Alatus,” 2017 by alumna Jen Broadbent, steel
  • “Crouching Skeletal Figure,” 2017 by alumnus Matt Stanford, fiberglass/wood

The proceeds of this auction will go directly to UNF’s sculpture program. Jenny Hager, UNF sculpture professor, and Lance Vickery, assistant sculpture professor, hope to update their labs with new digital tools. 

“Specifically, we would like to purchase a CNC Plasma Cutter, a tool used to create precise cuts in metal,” said Hager. “We can use this tool to create additional types of outdoor sculptures.”

The auction will run until Friday, August 30th. The link to the auction’s page is not yet available. 


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