Freebies On Campus

Breanna Cataldo, Features Editor

College students love anything that’s free, trust me, I know. Here’s a list that was compiled to help you find the free goodies you’re looking for here on campus:


Women’s Center- Aunt Flo can be a bit of an inconvenience to us female students. Luckily, the Women’s Center keeps a variety bowl of free tampons, pads and panty-liners. You can find the Women’s Center in Building 2, room 2100.

LGBT- There’s no excuse for college students not to practice safe sex when the LGBT Resource Center offers free condoms for students to come and grab. You can find the bowl in the student lounge, located on the first floor of Student Union East, room 1111.

Free magazine- If you’re ever bored, in need of some good reading material or you want to stay up to date with UNF’s happenings, pick up a Spinnaker magazine around campus. They’re free, fun and available at the blue boxes, a few bus stops and buildings on campus.

Eco Adventures- For those adventurous students, Eco Adventure allows students to rent out kayaks, canoes, tents, stoves and almost any camping gear a student might need. As long as you’re currently enrolled, it’s all up for grabs.

The Library- UNF’s library obviously provides free computer use and book rentals, but it also offers calculators, chargers and tablets for renting as well. You can check out the calculators and chargers at the front desk on the first floor. They have chargers available for Android and Apple products, just be sure to return them within three hours. As for the TI-84 Graphing Calculators, all you need is your Osprey 1 card. Be sure to return these within three hours as well.

Gym- The gym can be scary, but it’s something to do when you feel like being active. As long as you bring your Osprey 1 card for entry, you’re able to use the gym classes and equipment for free.

Game Room- Bored in your dorm? the Game Room, located on the first floor of the East Wing building at the Student Union, offers multiple games for students to play. It’s loaded with ping-pong tables, pool tables, PlayStation consoles (and games), Xboxes (and games), board games and more.

Field House- Similar to Eco Adventure, the Field House allows students to rent out outdoor equipment. Instead of camping equipment, it’s sports gear. If you are planning on playing some volleyball with your friends later, the Field House is the place to go to rent a ball. It’s located between the gym and the UNF Arena. All you need to bring is your Osprey 1 card.

Ogier Gardens- What a lot of students don’t know, is that you can rent out a piece of land at the Ogier Gardens. If you’re interested in gardening, rent a space and plant your own plants, fruits and vegetables.

Lend-A-Wing Pantry- Lend-A-Wing gives out a variety of necessities students need all for free. You can find food, laundry detergent, paper and more in Building 53, room 1202.

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