Recipes to make your Halloween tasty and spooky

Jessica Volz, Reporter

 Bloody Shirley Temples

 When the sun sets on Oct. 31 and people begin to gather from the unknown, are you ready to host? Here’s an assortment of recipes that help tame the crowds from the kitchen. 

If you’re one of those hosts–like I am–I always offer my guests a drink as they enter the door. While guests continue to arrive, they can sip and socialize, which helps tie up loose ends in the kitchen. For a one-size-fits-all drink, the Bloody Shirley temple should be the “go-to” because of its kid-friendly nature but adults are more than welcome to modify their beverage. Each handcrafted cup can have a syringe filled with grenadine serving as blood for the occasion. The adults can inject a shot of alcohol following the cherry syrup, and when the party’s over, everyone has a souvenir. For more details, click here.  

 From even more fun in the drink department, try the twist on Halloween jello shots. The dessert-like drink is layered by yellow and orange stripes that resemble candy corn. Keep in mind, this treat does take more time to prepare because they have to cool in the fridge before serving. For more details, click here.

Mummy Wraps 

Here’s a spin on the already quick and easy traditional pigs in a blanket;mummy wraps. I’m sure there are hundreds of versions of this recipe, but here are two:one for my meat lovers and one for my vegetarians. To be honest, If I’m thinking about making wraps, my guests receive both options because  mummified-looking finger foods are too cute for me to pass up. Most importantly, the hot,steamy treat wrapped in dough can fill your guests up. For more details on a mummy dog, click here and for mummy jalapeno poppers, click here.

 Spider deviled eggs

Deviled eggs  is a holiday classic, but for this occasion, it’s only right to add some spook to the spread. If you know how to make these hard-boiled appetizers then the only additional ingredient you’ll need is black olives. Every egg is the new home to a black spider. Keep in mind that these can be made before guests arrive because they are not served hot. For more details on how to make spider deviled eggs, click here


Time to seal the deal with our last trick (mostly treat) of the evening. These furry looking brownies are covered in chocolate sprinkles and have eyeballs. Initially, when I first laid eyes on this recipe, with all 24 eyes staring back at me, I giggled and thought, “look how cute these are!” No worries, if you’re not decor oriented when it comes to baking. For this Halloween dessert, the messier the sprinkles, the better! For more details on how to make these “cousin it” brownies, click here.


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