Two factors, more opinions

Kaitlyn Bowers

Ethan Mclaughlin, Reporter

Love it or hate it, we all have to use it. UNF’s new two factor authentication has been the talk of the campus ever since it was brought about one month ago. We hit the campus to see what people really think about it. 

It seems that many students didn’t care for the inconvenience but saw the value of the move. 

“I’m indifferent about it,” said Thomas Depty, a junior majoring in criminal justice. “It’s an extra security measure, which is always good, but I’ve seen some of my professors struggle to do attendance and a lot of stuff on Canvas just because of it.”

One student didn’t exactly see the need for it. 

“I never had problems with security in the first place and I don’t know anyone who did,” said Ron Nicholson, a senior majoring in public health.

For more information on Duo two factor authentication, you can click here. 


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