Nov. 16 – Nov. 23


Nov. 16 – Information (Building 50) – A student sent an e-mail to a classmate in which he suggested “taking over the entire school by force and holding hostages until demands are met.”

The teacher of the two students informed UPD about the location and time of the following class meeting for security purposes.

Nov. 17 – Drugs (Building S) – Housing coordinators found a minute trace amount of marijuana on the desk of a student who was removed from housing.

The amount was so insignificant that it was disposed of rather than taken to the property room.

Nov. 17 – Criminal mischief (Lot 10)
– Two males were seen walking and writing in wet concrete. They made several words, initials and foot prints in the concrete.

The suspect remains at large.

Nov. 20 – Missing person (Building 3) – A mentally challenged student was reported missing after she didn’t return from the washroom for several hours. UPD began a search.

Town Center security, Parking Services, Jacksonville Transportation Authority and others were asked to check their property as well. The student was found in the Fine Arts Center after about five hours.

After using the washroom, she realized it was dark outside, got frightened and stayed inside the building. She was reunited with her parents.

Nov. 21 – Drugs (Not specified) – Drug paraphernalia and marijuana residue was found in several ocations inside a room at Osprey Landing during a health and safety check.

The residents, who were not present at the time, were both referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 21 – Petty theft (The Library) – A student reported missing textbooks.

He left his backpack and two textbooks unattended on a library table for about five minutes. When he returned to the table, the books were gone.

Nov. 21 – Criminal mischief (Building 38)
– A student called for assistance from UPD when she found residue of dried egg yolk on the rear bumper and spoiler of her vehicle.

There was also a small dent and pieces of chipped paint on the bumper. No other damage was done to the vehicle.

Nov. 22 – Alcohol (Building V)
– Jacksonville Fire and Rescue was called in reference to a sick person. The student had been out drinking, and when she returned to her friend’s room, she started to shake and throw up.

She requested to be transported to the Mayo Clinic.

Nov. 23 – Information (Osprey Café) – Three employees got into an argument about sweeping the floor at Osprey Café.

One of the employees engaged a non-employee in cleaning the floor, which irritated the other employee.

Two of the employees were heavily intoxicated. Their manager was notified of the situation.

Compiled by Andrea Farah.