IPA's to you


With summer quickly coming to an end, and the fact that today is National IPA Day, it seems an appropriate time to review some IPA beers.

Dogfish Head – 90 Minute IPA
A sweeter than most IPA of alcohol content. When first opening the bottle and pouring the beer one would expect a far more bitter and hoppy beer, even based on the smell. But come the first sip you will be pleasantly suprised by an almost sweet taste that counteracts the bitterness of the extra hops thrown into this particular beer. 

The smooth citrus taste of this IPA makes it perfect for summer. It isn’t so heavy that it gives you the instant hangover of a heavy beer in the sun, but rather refreshes you like a dive in the ocean on a hot humid day.

Just be sure not to scoff at the 9% ABV. Drinking too many of these beers too quickly will turn your fun day at the beach into a day of the porcelain gods.

9.0% ABV, Style : Imperial IPA
Shipyard – Pugsleys Signature Series, XXXX IPA
Opening with a more fruitfy smell, this imperial IPA packs a bitter punch, with the smell of fresh citrus and the bite of a bitter grapefruit. XXXX IPA is a good beer to lounge around at night with, but nothing good will come from drinking XXXX in the sun. This is one of those high ABV content beers that can pack a bite while going down, so remember to drink it slowly and in moderation.
9.25% ABV, Style : Imperial IPA
Stone – IPA
When you first open the bottle you will notice a nice floral aroma that does not overwhelm you with hops and bitterness. Once you make it to the first sip you will notice that you are not overpowered by “hoppiness” or bitterness, in fact it is nearly the perfect mixture of both, resulting in an almost perfect IPA. Thanks to this near perfect mixture, this is one beer you will want to sit pool or beach side with. Having a average alcohol content helps make this the perfect beer to enjoy moderately throughout your day, without the fear of being hung over or sick come mid day.
6.9% ABV, Style : IPA
Peak Organic – IPA
A pleasant mild floral aroma greets you when you first crack the top, leading to an almost plastic-like first sip. This less hoppy and bitter beer is not as enjoyable as most IPA’s, however, this could be because of the use of Amarillo and nugget rather than more hops and citrus. The nuttier taste of this beer will not have many hopheads asking for more. Due to this more nutty approach to an IPA, this beer has a heavier feel than what one would come to expect in an IPA. It’s a fun beer to try out if you want to try organic beers, but nothing to write home about after your first try.
7.1% ABV, Style : IPA