Lend-A-Wing provides grab bags for students in need

Heydi Ortiz, Managing Editor

It’s a hard time for those who still remain on campus. In an effort to help aid students, Lend-A-Wing will be providing grab bags outside of the Student Union. 

According to SG president John Aloszka, the program will run on weekdays from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Students who are able to drive or walk to the Student Union are encouraged to do so. For those who want to remain in their location, they can call the Student Government number at  (904) 620-2750 and request a bag be brought to them.

The bags come tailored to the diets of all students. There are vegan + gluten-free bags, vegetarian bags, and non-restrictive diet bags. 

Aloszka says the program is currently operating daily but based on demands the program may start operating weekly.


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