Inside the huddle Jan. 7 2009


Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
Chad Smith
Graphic Designer
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Question 1: Will the NHL’s now annual outdoor hockey game help the league bring in more fans in the future?
This is honestly the coolest thing the NHL has ever done. But one novelty game a year isn’t going to save a sport most people in America only watch for the fights. Yes, I think it will because outdoor events all over the country bring a new type of atmosphere when hockey games are played in untraditional stadiums that host the event. Depends when and where the league holds it. Being born and raised in Florida, I wouldn’t sit outside that long in the cold. The only way hockey will bring in more fans is if Vincent Lecavalier, ”the Michael Jordan of Hockey,” plays on every NHL team.
Question 2: Is Donavan McNabb’s passing the reason the Philadelphia Eagles were able to turn around their season, or is it just a stroke of luck?
It wasn’t so much McNabb as it was the rest of the NFC wild card contenders choking. The Buccaneers were actually a better team, but when you lose to the Raiders, you don’t deserve a playoff berth. Luck; Donavan has become another overpaid parasite to the Eagles. Everyone knows it’s defense that wins games in the end. Depends what he was passing. Certain “passes” are successful if directed at the enemy, if you know what I mean. McNabb was definatly smacked with a talent stick this year and has stepped up for the Eagles. I dont think they will take advantage of being in the playoffs though.
Question 3: The University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma will face each other in this year’s BCS National Championship; which team do you think will win?
I think the Gators will win but I’m rooting for the Orange Bowl to somehow implode and take the fans of both teams with it in a grand rapturous finale. It’s great to be a Gator hater… I am a Florida guy, so I will have to say the Gators. If Percy Harvin can come back and contribute for this game, they are almost a lock for their
second championship in three years.
The University of Florida. They would never admit my SAT score, and I don’t even know where Oklahoma is. Im neither a Florida or an Oklahoma fan, but if I had to choose: Go Oklahoma.
Question 4: Tim Tebow seems to be one of the stongest, fastest and most versatile players in college football. With no apparent flaws, is Tebow superhuman?
No apparent flaws? He has a slow release and all his passes are high and wobbly. Yes, he’s an ideal mini version of Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, and a smaller Brian Urlacher molded into one. And when he is ready for the draft, he will become the first draft pick: no, because he is that good. Yes. Tebow is always a sight to see on the field, but superhuman is going too far.

Compiled by Heather Furey.