Increase in pet adoptions due to stay-at-home orders

Nathan Turoff, Critter Columnist

The quarantine of COVID-19 continues to grip the nation, with 42 states having issued stay-at-home orders at the time of this writing, and it has been almost a month since Coronavirus was officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. 

Among all the gloom and doom this pandemic has brought about, there are some positives to look at. Among them, is pet adoption. 

Shelters and other adoption and foster agencies for pets have seen a large spike in people seeking to adopt or foster a pet during this crisis. This has been attributed to the fact that many people are stuck in their homes, often lonely and with nothing to do. A brand new best friend, who may not talk but be all the company you need, has been their answer.

However, this idea is not without flaws. Very little is known about the effect of COVID-19 on pets, and whether they can catch and/or transmit it. While there is some evidence that cats may be susceptible, it is in no way conclusive. Regardless, if you do happen to catch the disease make sure to keep your pets safe in any way you can. It’s very warming to know how fewer and fewer animals are sleeping in cages at shelters, and more and more are having the opportunity to get a new family.


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