UNF reveals new job position: Vice President of Jobs

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

UNF has revealed the creation of a new job position at the university: the Vice President of Jobs. 

“UNF is creating the new Vice President of Jobs position as part of its continued commitment to student success, and to ensure that all UNF graduates achieve their career aspirations,” the University said in a statement.

President Szymanski also gave some information on the new position in a recent interview.

President Szymanski said, “We’re going to have an individual who is going to be committed to finding internship opportunities for students, permanent job opportunities for our students, coordinate this internally on campus in terms of career services, internship people and so on.”

He also went on to say, “It’s about creating something new that no one has created, it’s going to be a resource for everybody in the institution, and it’s going to be a position that’s going to be a real difference-maker.” 

Currently, the University is actively looking for someone to fill the position and will hopefully have someone fill the position within the coming weeks. The University is looking internally to fill the spot, according to President Szymanski.

While the University is leaning towards someone internal to fill the position, don’t let that discourage you, you can still apply and to do so simply follow this link and log in.


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