Standing Strong


With a record of 7-21 to end the 2010 season, the volleyball team plans to buckle down in the 2011 season, which brings new teammates and new teams to compete against.

“Obviously I’m excited for this year’s schedule because I made it,” said Head Coach Kevin Campbell. “I gave us four pre-season tournaments to give us some high level competition outside of the conference.”

Opening with Michigan State will be the team’s biggest challenge, she said.

“They are geared up to perform very well in their conference,” Campbell said.

In addition to their challenging schedule, the Ospreys have both transfer and freshman recruits who need training.

“I think each recruit brings something different to the table,” said Nicole Baron, a returning team member and UNF mathematics junior.

Campbell said she is excited to have new players join the team.

“Our new players are doing great,” she said. “We have two girls in their junior year and four new freshman.”

She said juniors, being more experienced, will help condition the freshmen in their progression to star athletes.

Even though two of the freshmen are injured, Campbell plans to work them back to health and get them ready for the season.

Training began over the summer, helping recruits adjust to a new team and prepare for the upcoming season.

“It’s exciting and really nice to come into a program that has its feet on the ground,” said Carolyn Jenkins, a UNF community health junior and transfer student. “The team has a family environment. We can push each other and still be friends.”

The Ospreys are striving for a win in conference play this year and want to make it to the NCAA tournament.

“We have all the tools to get there,” Baron said. “Everything seems to be in place for us this year.”

But Libscomb will be a challenging competitor, Baron said.

“They are always a good team and they usually win the conference.”

Only the Osprey’s performance on the court will prove whether or not this is their year. The season starts Friday, Aug. 26 at the UCF Invitational.