Staff Blog: The semester starts…


I don’t know about you, but the holidays came and went pretty quickly. The break may have included travel, gift-giving and for most people, hanging out with loved ones. By the time the New Year rolled around, I couldn’t think of anything to change in 2009.

2009 and along with it, the new semester, doesn’t have to be about change but maybe about starting fresh. With the world as busy as it is nowadays, a break normally does more harm than good as it gets most used to the slowed pace. When January rolls around with the faster pace along with it, most feel side-swiped.

My thoughts on 2009? When it’s hard to get used to the busy world again, just focus. The new year shouldn’t start out stressful. Decide what your new goals are, focus on your classes, and when you start to feel dizzy from the world’s stressful pace, just manage your time tighter. The only way to conquer the world is to first conquer yourself.

Good luck in all your 2009 endeavors.