Commentary: Inaguration sure to make history, one to be proud of


The presidential inauguration is a day of new beginnings, rites of passage and change.

It’s the president’s opportunity to declare his administration’s initiatives and set the tone for his entire term.

We’ve all heard of the infamous speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt when he took office during the depression and John F. Kennedy’s legendary inauguration speech in 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

But great speech or not, this upcoming inauguration ceremony is sure to be read in American history books decades from now.

Jan. 20 will be the day the first black president will be sworn into office.

And now is the time to get behind him despite race or partisanship.

President-elect Barack Obama is facing tough challenges ahead, and fair or not, expectations will be high.

The economy is in a downturn, the U.S. is fighting a war in Iraq many believe to be a lost cause, and Iran is posing troublesome foreign policy challenges to our country – none of which will be easy feats to conquer.

These challenges mean this new administration needs our support more than ever, and regardless of who earned your vote in November, we need to stand by our president 100 percent.

It’s time to stop dwelling on the mistakes of the past and focus on our nation’s political future.

Obama won the electoral vote. He will be our next president. So give the man a chance because those are the principles our nation was founded on.

I think Obama will do good things in time, but until his decisions prove otherwise, he deserves our support.

Now is an incredible time to be a young American. We are witnessing a part of history.

So turn on the TV at noon Jan. 20.

You never know, you might be surprised by what Obama has to say, and agree with him or not, it will be an event you can tell your children and grandchildren you were a part of.

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