A dog’s day out in Jacksonville

Jennifer Ronzon, Reporter

Living in an apartment with a dog can be tricky. You have to find creative ways to exercise your pup without a yard. Traditional walks will do the trick, but with so many dog-friendly spots in Jacksonville, why not head out on an adventure with your best bud?

Let’s talk about dog parks. Recently, it seems like people are discovering the lucrative business of dog park bars. Yes, you heard that right. Jacksonville is now home to two dog parks where pet owners can hangout and enjoy a coffee or drink of their choice with their friends, while their dog does the same.

Kanine Social, located in downtown Jax, is perfect for a rainy day. Their indoor and outdoor dog park offers an opportunity to play even on gloomy days. At the boutique dog park, the animals are not the only ones socializing- as owners have the opportunity to choose a drink from the beer and coffee menu, while they hangout with other dog enthusiasts.

Across town at the beach, Brewhound offers a similar atmosphere. Their off-leash dog park lies adjacent to their drink bar where you can purchase a variety of hot or cold beverages. You can also try their special ice cream just for dogs. “Ruffarees” are present in the off-leash area to ensure safety for all.

If public parks are more your style- Paws Park at Davis Park in Ponte Vedra Beach offers two large fenced-in off-leash dog parks. Both parks have ponds in the middle and obstacles to entertain your pups. Unlike the previous privately-owned parks, Paws Park does not require an admission cost.

Hungry? Many of Jacksonville’s best restaurants are happy to host your favorite member of the family!

Poe’s Tavern in Atlantic Beach is an Edgar Allen Poe-themed restaurant that cooks up some of the best burgers in town. Their large outdoor space is the perfect spot to hang with your pup on a sunny day. On their Instagram, they often share #poespups, which includes photos of their four-legged customers.

Over in San Marco, the Bearded Pig is home to mouth-watering barbecue and a beautiful outdoor space. The patio is covered, making it a great destination to get “outdoors” on a rainy day.  

After your meal, take a trip to Rita’s Italian Ice in Jax Beach to pick up dessert for both of you! Grab a gelato and a treat for your pup. Their milk-bone-in-custard combo is free of charge and a fan-favorite.

No matter what you decide, one thing is for sure: Jacksonville is truly a place that offers fun for everyone.


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