UNF ranked top 50 best online undergraduate and graduate programs

Ketan Narotam, Police Reporter

The University of North Florida ranked in the top 50 universities for having one of the best online programs in the nation, according to a recent 2021 ranking list by U.S. News & World Reports.

UNF’s online program is praised for promoting a work-life balance with its students, high-quality student-instructor interaction, instructor training, and small course class sizes. 

Other recognitions include instructor credentials, graduation rates, academic, career, and financial support. 

Spinnaker reached out to UNF’s Assistant Vice President of Digital Learning and Innovation, Deb Miller, to find out what sets UNF’s online program apart from other schools.

“Students are surprised when they find out UNF has over 17 undergraduate and graduate online programs ranging from business to education,” said Miller, “Another thing that sets UNF’s online program from others is its ‘blend-flex methodology’ approach to education.”

According to Miller, the blend-flex methodology is unique to UNF’s online business program and gives working students flexible options to advance their life goals. 

Flexible options include allowing students to attend classes once a week virtually or on campus, and giving students the ability to watch recorded lectures. 

Clint Melton is a recent graduate of UNF and earned a bachelor’s in public relations. UNF’s unique approach to online education made it possible for Melton to juggle two jobs and attend classes.

“UNF was very flexible and understood the struggles of working students,” said Melton, “The college’s approach to online education made it possible for me to earn my degree.”

Dr. Brian Thornton is a communications professor at UNF. Dr. Thornton is not a fan of teaching courses online and prefers the hands-on approach. Although he is not a fan, Dr. Thornton still appreciates the great job UNF does when training their instructors. 

“Every instructor has to take a course that shows you how to set up your online teaching environment,” said Dr. Thornton, “UNF does a great job training instructors and giving them the necessary tools to be successful online.”


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