New Releases Album Review: Tyron by slowthai

Ash Zapata, Volunteer DJ

    Tyron is an introspective album written by Slowthai; a British rapper from Northhampton. The album is split into two parts, the first consisting of all capital-lettered titles to emphasize frustration and surface level emotions. The second half of the track is all lower-case, to highlight the finer details and more complex emotions that come with being in the spotlight. This album is raw, unapologetic, and passionate.

Album cover art for Tyron by slowthai

45 SMOKE- A classic example of British drill. Slowthai’s flow throughout the song is hypnotizing as he changes tempo throughout. The song is about making constant mistakes.

CANCELLED- This track features Skepta. This is an interesting sounding track. The beginning instrumental is really good, then switches up when it comes to slowthai’s verse. This song seems to be talking about cancel culture.

MAZZA- the track itself sounds good. I’m not a huge fan of this track because of the repetition, but it seems like it’s just a fun track for both A$AP Rocky and slowthai.

VEX- i’m also not a fan of this track. It’s repetitive and the production is a bit odd. I do like the beginning chorus though, it’s interesting.

WOT- This is a short track. It’s about slowthai’s anger at Pop Smoke passing away. At surface level it’s hard to understand, as it has a lot of british slang.
DEAD- The bass line on this track is very groovy. Slowthai decides to adapt to a slower flow, which I personally enjoy. This track talks about eternity.

PLAY WITH FIRE- This track is a perfect transition into the second half of his album-it has a more mellow track, and the subject matter changes to more personal aspects of slowthai’s life. The end of this track is particularly hypnotizing.

i tried- As the first track of the second half, it sets the tone for what’s to come. It has soulful chords with groovy bass.

focus- This song is very jazzy in a way. He talks about going against the grain of life. It has some lo-fi aspects to it also.

terms- this track starts off with Dominic Fike, the bass is strong and has a simple beat as slowthai raps about the misunderstandings that come with fame.

push- The intro to this track is beautiful. Deb Never’s soothing vocals and subtle harmonies are so calming. It’s a nice change of sound, the overall tone of this track is mellow in a good way.

nhs- This is another one of my favorite tracks. This song is one of the easier ones to understand, as it keeps slang to a minimum. It’s relatable.

feel away- this track is about slowthai’s late brother. This is my favorite on the album, with emotional vocals from James Blake. The cadence of this track is otherworldly-it will leave you thinking.

adhd- Slowthai delves into his struggle with ADHD. His mom never believed him as a child, and it’s caused a lot of problems in his life. The sound of this track is unique-it’s calm but there’s a depth to it. Toward the end of the track is a sound byte of slowthai on the phone with his older brother. This track ends abruptly.


Overall I enjoyed this album. I had been a fan of slowthai’s appearances with Gorillaz and BROCKHAMPTON so I was excited. This was a good introduction to the sub-genre,”British drill”, which is a gritty, repetitive style of rap. I enjoyed the second half of the album more but overall it was very creative. I’d rate this album a 3.5 out of 5 Spinnaker Sails.