How are you doing?; SG releases survey on Osprey mental health

Carter Mudgett, Reporter

With the purpose of understanding student’s evolving mental health needs at UNF, Student Government put out a survey to gauge Osprey’s thoughts on the importance of the issue. 

The survey consists of a few multiple-choice questions and some short-answer questions for elaboration on certain topics.

Opening questions cover the basics, such as your status at UNF, grade level, gender, and ethnicity. Moving forward, the survey discusses ways students relieve stress, their knowledge of the PERCH program, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their mental health. The survey also asks students how they have utilized the counseling center on campus.

Because the survey deals with a sensitive topic, all responses to the Osprey Voice are both optional and fully anonymous. 

The Student Government would like to invite all students to take the survey so UNF is capable of assisting students’ mental health needs throughout the spring semester and beyond. 

You can complete the survey in less than 10 minutes here.


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