Music Video Review: Tweety by Raveena

Jordy Bowen, Music Director



Peace, pastels, and soul are just a few of the factors that let us know that it’s Raveena’s world and we’re just living in it. Twenty-six-year-old singer Raveena constructs a dreamy world wrapped in warm tones and smooth sounds. Managing to respectfully nod to her influences while ultimately remaining true to herself and personal artistry, this singer is the surreal and celestial creative we never knew we needed.


We get to see Raveena in her playful element: A telephone becomes a playground and the camera becomes a friend as she interacts with every single element available as if she were a child falling in love with the world– and we fall in love with hers as a result. I couldn’t help but finish the video feeling as though I had just watched someone bloom.

Image for Raveena's music videofor Tweety


Suspending time on the screen appears to be Raveena’s superpower– evoking nostalgia while simultaneously planting seeds firmly in the future. There’s a blend of details that speak to familiarity: color palettes and rhythmic sounds conjure the Y2K we all know and love. However, Raveena introduces silhouettes, shapes, and dreamscapes that feel truly unique. The creativity oozes out of her bones with her physical particularities– jumping and bending around the video, yelling into giant telephones, playing twister on digital flowers– Raveena’s essence permeates her every move. Her intention floats and glitters onto the video, possessing shining moments for every frame. Every creative decision, from the fashion to the visuals, screams “TWEETY” and glows with “Raveena”.  We get a full sense of who this artist is and how she devises her projects– with fullness, freedom, and a bit of whimsy.

Image from Raveena's music video for Tweety (2021)

With sounds that swoon and bump to beat, there’s an affectionate impression of the smoothest R&B, paired with the psychedelia of the Avante.  It takes special intuition to recall Bjork and D’Angelo, past and prospect, all in the same vein– Raveena does it and with a stunning amount of fun and grace.


Rating: 5/5 SAILS