How many students are using the UNF mobile app?

Ketan Narotam, Police Reporter

According to a recent Spinnaker survey posted on Instagram, the ‘UNF Mobile’ app is a popular choice among Ospreys.

Questions included in Survey:

  1. Do you use any of UNF’S mobile apps?
  2. What kind of mobile device do you use? 
  3. Which app do you use? 

Apps featured in the Survey:

  • UNF Mobile – allows students to access myWings from their phone.


  • Safe Osprey- allows students to have a UPD officer pick them up at their location and take them wherever they need to go


  • Osprey Nation Student Rewards- allows students to earn points that can be redeemed for fabulous prizes while checking in at sporting events at UNF

Spinnaker received feedback from around 200 students on Instagram. These are the results from the survey:

Instagram app survey results. Table by Ketan Narotam.
Instagram app survey results. Table by Ketan Narotam.

According to the results, the most popular app among students is the ‘UNF Mobile’ app (41 students). The results also indicate that lots of students use mobile apps at UNF (112 students). Students also overwhelmingly prefer to use mobile apps on Apple devices (171 students) over Android (29 students). 

Ospreys also had some suggestions on ways UNF can improve its apps. One survey participant, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggested UNF should advertise their apps more on the main website. 

“I had no idea that UNF had mobile apps until I saw the survey on Instagram,” the student said. “Maybe advertise the apps on the website.”

Another anonymous student suggested that UNF needs to tweak and update its apps frequently. 

“The ‘UNF Mobile’ app constantly crashes and refuses to log in sometimes,” the student said. 

Here are some apps students may not be aware of that received great reviews on the Apple app store:

DoubleMap – provides real-time UNF Shuttle locations

  • Speed Queen– convenient, safe way to pay for  washer or dryer use at UNF


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