Police Beat Oct. 25th – Oct. 30th

Joseph Basco

Oct. 25 Bicycle Theft (Osprey Cove) – The victim said he secured his bicycle in the courtyard next to Building U Oct. 23 at noon. When he returned Oct. 25 at 8 a.m., his bicycle and lock were gone. The UPD officer in charge of the investigation searched Osprey Cove and Osprey Village. The victim gave the officer the bicycle’s serial number. UNF Housing was notified of the incident. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Oct. 25 Damaged Saxophone (Building 45) – A UPD officer met with the victim at Building 41, where the victim said his saxophone was damaged Oct. 19. The victim said he thought the damage was not intentional and that everything would be settled. The victim and another student were at the lockers on the second floor of Building 45. The other student motioned that the victim’s saxophone was blocking his locker. The student then picked up the saxophone in its case and acted as if he was going to throw it. The victim later discovered the saxophone was damaged as a result of the incident. The two talked, and the student said he would pay the victim for the damages. The victim repaired the saxophone for $300. The victim said he thinks the student will pay for the damages. The officer said to the victim the case is now civil and advised the student he could seek a settlement in small claims court.

Oct. 25 Criminal Mischief (Building 58E) – Brent Fine, director of Osprey Productions, said to an officer that, between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 25, an unknown suspect wrote “TROLL” and “DON’T GO SO BAD” on Osprey Productions signs that were placed throughout campus. There were no witnesses or suspect information at the time of report. No canvass was conducted because the signs were picked up and brought back to Building 58E prior to calling UPD. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Oct. 26 Criminal Mischief (Fine Arts Center Garage) – The victim, a UNF student assistant, said he parked his rental car on the second floor of the garage. When he came back, there were scratch marks and paint chips missing on the front left door. No canvass was done because of the incident location. The officer was not able to obtain fingerprints because it appeared the suspect did not touch the vehicle. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Oct. 26 Disorderly Intoxication/Marijuana (Osprey Landing) – Morgan Murray, assistant director of student life, said to the officer she observed the suspect and subject arguing near the smoking table at Osprey Landing. The suspect was yelling racial slurs at the subject and told him to sit down to talk. Murray pulled the suspect to the side and told him to sit and calm down. Murray then called UPD. The suspect said the subject stole marijuana and money from him. He then called the subject racial slurs, but the subject walked away. Murray arrived to the scene afterward. The officer interviewed the subject; the subject described the altercation the same way. After the officer talked to the subject, the suspect began to rush toward and yell at the subject. Another officer restrained the suspect. The suspect was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. The suspect was arrested and read his Miranda rights via card. The other officer gained permission to search the suspect’s car. The officer smelled marijuana from a black and silver container in the car rear. The officer found marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia inside. The suspect was transported to the pretrial detention facility and booked.

Oct. 28 Intoxicated Student (Osprey Ridge Road) – A UPD officer assisted another officer who was conducting a field interview with an intoxicated student at the entrance to Osprey Fountains at 2:42 a.m. The other officer recognized the student from prior contact and was concerned for his health and safety. The student was unsteady on his feet and had watery, red eyes. His speech was slow at times. The student blew a blood alcohol content level of .225. The officer contacted Gateway Services and obtained a room for detoxification. The officer transported the student to Gateway.

Oct. 29 Marijuana (Osprey Crossings) – A UPD officer and the resident life coordinator approached the door of the room from which marijuana odor was emanating. The officer and RLC were given permission to enter after repeated knocking. The smoke detector was covered with a shopping bag and hanger. The suspect said he was smoking cigarettes inside the room. The suspects could not produce any tobacco products or packaging. The other suspect gave the officer permission to search the refrigerator. The officer found a small clear bong inside. Another officer said via radio that items were thrown out from a window. The officers observed the bushes outside the room and found drug paraphernalia. Both suspects claimed ownership of the items. The suspects were issued each a Notice to Appear and a referral to Student Conduct.

Oct. 30 Alcohol Possession (Osprey Crossings) – At 2:19 a.m., a UPD officer and the resident life coordinator entered the room where alcohol and minors were present. The suspect said the alcohol belonged to him, and he bought the items earlier in the evening downtown. The officer observed a trash bag with 12 empty beer bottles. The officer also found a 12 pack of beer, 13 loose beer cans and a bottle of rum on a table in the center of the room. The alcohol was disposed of properly at the scene. The suspect showed no signs of impairment. The suspect was issued a Notice to Appear and referred to Student Conduct.