UNF Game room hosts massive Smash Tournament

Marie Billow, Volunteer Reporter

Nate Lee and Josh Chapple are the winners of the UNF Game Room’s Super Smash Bros. Tournament.

Last Friday, Lee narrowly beat his good friend Chapple after six grueling hours of narrowing down the bracket and a 3-5 head-to-head. The tournament had 36 contestants and certain guidelines including restricted stages and no random characters, but for the most part everyone who competed was there to have fun.

UNF has had its very own Super Smash Bros. Club, headed by Bryan Curran, for the last 3 years. Many in attendance are already members and friends. There were some new faces, and many of them are new members.

Courtesy of UNF game room.

Edward Matus is one such new member. It was his first time playing with the group, and he was impressed by the scale of it. He said he used to compete in tournaments in Belize, but that it was a room a fraction of the size of UNF’s ballroom with just a few people.

The tournament started at 5 p.m.  and continued until 10:30 p.m. It was extremely lively, and a good time was had by all. 

The tournament’s runner-up, Josh Chapple, mainly plays the characters Pyra and Mythra, because he likes the anime-esque game they are from. He characterizes his fighting style as a combination of aggression and capitalizing on panic.

“I feel like I could have played the last set better,” he said, after he narrowly lost.

The tournament’s winner, Nate Lee, mainly plays as Palutena because of her speed. He says his strategy is to figure out his opponent first while still remaining unpredictable himself. 

“I just had fun, I don’t know,” he said. “This is definitely the best-smelling Smash tournament I’ve ever been to, though,” he said, alluding to UNF Smash players’ excellent hygiene.


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