Inside the Huddle – November 16th


Inside the Huddle By Jordan Harirchi

Will a fractured thumb in his throwing hand slow down Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger?
Can the Houston Texans make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl without Matt Schaub?
With Carl Edwards three points ahead of Tony Stewart going into the last race of the season, who takes the Sprint Cup?
What do you think of Penn State cutting ties with Joe Paterno?

Jordan’s Answers:

  1. Roethlisberger, despite his off-field issues, might be the toughest NFL quarterback. He won a Super Bowl with a similar injury in 2005, so I say no.

  2. A really strong running game and playing in a really weak division will propel the Texans to the playoffs, but Leinart won’t win a playoff game for them.

  3. I hope Carl Edwards wins. He usually back flips off his car when he wins a single race. Who knows what he’ll back flip off of when he wins the whole thing. Maybe a few trailers?

  4. I’m tired of hearing about this. Joe Pa getting fired is sad, but what is sadder are the scandals surrounding the individuals who were abused. Bring on some justice.

Josh’s Answers:
1. Honestly, I didn’t even know Roethlisberger was having a consistent season. Oh wait, he wasn’t. A quick cortisone shot and some wrap will make his thumb feel as good as … well, as good as before.

  1. Hey, Matt Leinart took USC to the national championship twice, so why not? Unless you look at his inconsistent numbers, his time spent in Arizona and the fact that Scahub was doing all of this without Andre Johnson.
  2. Said it two weeks ago and I’ll say it again, Tony Stewart.

  3. Zzzzzzz … can you wake me up when this is all over? It’s already bad enough that I have to hear about the NBA everyday, and now this. I think I’m gonna just watch soaps from now on.

Greg’s Answers:

  1. Nah, he’s got another thumb. It’s cold outside anyway, he won’t even feel it.
  2. No cold-weather medicine can fix the Texans. Matt Leinart is no thumb of Roethlisberger. They’ll make the playoffs, because the Titans, Jags and Colts might be the least threatening trio short of the three stooges on ice, but Leinart won’t take them much further.

  3. Jimmie Johnson. I know he’s down 68 points with one race left, but I don’t care. It’s Jimmie. Although now that I look at that in print, what self-respecting NASCAR driver spells Jimmie with an “ie”?

  4. Had to do it. There was no way around it. He knew something nasty was happening and he did nothing. So I guess Joe will have to retire full of youth at … 84. What a bummer.

Katie’s Answers

  1. Doubt it. He’s a resilient guy. Who knows? Might put a pretty little spin on the ball.

  2. If for no other reason than they’re playing my Jags on Nov. 27, I sure hope not. Sorry, Texans fans — seriously, how many of you are there? It’s Jaguar Town and I’m a proud resident.

  3. Ugh. Really? OK. I’m running out of methods to describe my complete and utter enthrallment with the dynamic and nail-biting action that is a handful of cars driving rapidly around a track. Here goes: The one with advertisements on his car and suit will win. Yay.

  4. After learning a great deal about the issue, I’d say it’s too little, too late. The fact that this crap has been going on for years and nobody’s done a thing about it is disgusting. McQuery should have had the courage to come forward as soon as he left the locker room. This isn’t a minor indiscretion, it’s at least child abuse — if not child molestation or statutory rape. And as for Sandusky, no punishment currently handed down in court is adequate. I’m just saying. Yuck.